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Oregon’s trails need upkeep and care. That’s where we come in.

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Almost all of today’s hiking trails were built more than 80 years ago.

Almost all of them are currently maintained by volunteers.

Explosive trail use and a lack of funding for trail maintenance is a real threat to our favorite trails.

In 2007, a group of concerned hikers founded Trailkeepers of Oregon. Our work takes the form of trail maintenance projects and advocacy work to restore proper funding to a resource so beneficial and beloved by Oregonians.

Backed by the generosity of hundreds of donors and volunteers, Trailkeepers of Oregon is committed to making sure everyone has access to Oregon’s most special places for years to come.

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A green-headed, yellow-billed duck floats in dark water behind a screen of twigs.

Walking with the Birds: Winter at Oaks Bottom

by Ezra Cohen, Volunteer, Trailkeepers of Oregon

With a fluttering rush of wings, the western screech owl shot from its roost in the cleft of a limb and, dodging between branches in the ashen light, landed inside a tangled thicket. […]

A creek flows through a flat, brushy area with a lake, sand dunes, and a forested coastal promontory in the distance.

Hike of the Month: Sutton Creek

by John Sparks, Newsletter Editor, Trailkeepers of Oregon

Distance: 4.3 miles
Elevation gain: 165 feet

Fine weather windows make the Oregon Dunes an ideal area to explore in the early months of the year. […]

Several snags of dead trees line the steep bank of a river, while across the river is a forest of bright yellow fall foliage

TKO’s Trails: Oxbow Regional Park

by John Sparks, Newsletter Editor, Trailkeepers of Oregon

Did you know that Oxbow Regional Park sits on top of a buried forest? […]

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