Get Involved

Are you ready to make a difference?

What do trails and the hiking experience mean to you? Are trails a refuge in your otherwise hectic life? Are you ready to give back?

We encourage all trail users to consider this simple commitment: devote one day to trail stewardship for every 20 days of hiking. TKO offers an easy way to do this by signing up for trail stewardship projects. These volunteer opportunities are open to anyone, and all equipment and training is provided — and no particular skills are required, either. Simply meet at the Involved03project trailhead, be prepared to get a little dirty, meet some great folks and come away with a really good feeling of having done your part to preserve Oregon’s trail legacy! See our Events page for upcoming projects.

You can also be an everyday steward. What does this mean? Simply take the time on every hike to clear debris from trails, pick up litter and even consider packing a pair of clippers for light maintenance along the way — you’d be surprised by how many everyday stewards already do this! In fact, almost all of the trail maintenance on our public lands is now done by volunteers. That’s not something that TKO accepts for the long term, but it does mean that we all need to step up today to avoid losing our trail legacy — and that we continue to advocate for better trails in the long term.

If your strong suit is on the organizational side, consider helping run the TKO organization. We are an all-volunteer outfit, so we depend on people like you to organize and advertise our trail projects, keep the forum and website running and keep our bills paid. You might even be interested in serving on the TKO Board of Directors. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information, or click here to complete our TKO Volunteer Interest Form.

Is your business, school or organization ready to help?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to set up day or weekend-long trail stewardship events. You supply eager volunteers and transportation, and we will coordinate the rest — including training, tools and hard hats. Trail work is a fun and rewarding activity and a proven team building event!

We are Oregon's advocates for trails and hiking!