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Join a work party to give back to the trails you love!  TKO plans to schedule work parties every other Tuesday, as well as the third weekend of the month (Saturday, Sunday, or both). To receive email notifications about TKO events and more, sign-up for TKO’s email list and follow us on Facebook.

If you have questions about TKO’s trail maintenance program or are interested in training to become a volunteer TKO crew leader, please email our Volunteer Coordinator.

Trail Stewardship Events

Wygant Trail, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, July 26, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

The Wygant Trail begins near the Mitchell Point trailhead  and climbs to intersect with the Chetwoot Trail and other trail systems in the East Gorge. Please be aware that there is poison oak throughout this area.

Project description
The trail begins with a series of stacked switchbacks.  A week-long trail vacation by volunteers from the American Hiking Society helped to improve several of these, but the finishing work remains to be done. This includes tread and drainage and a short reroute to improve one particularly steep switchback. There is a log over the trail that we will either remove or chip out to make it easier to climb over.

Hiking information
We will carpool from the trailhead through a locked gate, saving a half mile of walking. Walk to the work site is about a half-mile on level terrain until we arrive at the switchbacks themselves.

What to expect
No experience is necessary. You will be working with experienced crew leaders to improve the safety of this set of switchbacks. You should be prepared to hike from the parking location to the work site carrying tools and your day pack. There is a pit toilet at the Mitchell Point trailhead

What to bring
Lunch and plenty of water
Rain gear (jacket and pants) if appropriate for weather forecast
Work gloves
Extra set of clothes to change into at the end of the day (optional)

What to wear
Boots (tennis shoes are not allowed)
Long sleeve shirt is required on this trip because of the potential poison oak exposure.
Eye protection recommended (glasses, sunglasses or safety glasses)
TKO will supply hard hats, and safety glasses if needed. We will also bring Technu for use at the end of the day.

The Mitchell Point trailhead can only be reached from eastbound I-84.

From Portland: Drive east on I-84 to Exit 58 and a sign pointing to the Mitchell Point overlook.

From Hood River:  Drive to the Viento Exit 56; turn around here and head east to Exit 58.

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Upcoming Projects

Punchbowl Falls Park, Hood River
Saturday July 30, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Please join us to work on new trails at Punchbowl Falls Park! We will be working on building a better hiking trail at Punchbowl Falls Park outside of Hood River.  This is an excellent opportunity to help create better trails while learning about trail design and construction.

Tools and instruction will be provided by Trailkeepers of Oregon.  No experience needed! We will meet at Punchbowl Park at 9:00 AM, Saturday July 30 and working until 3:00 PM.  Please tell us if you would like to ride share, need a ride or willing to give a ride.  Parking is limited so ride sharing is encouraged.  Punchbowl Falls Park GPS Coordinates:  Lat.= 45.6003  Long.= -121.6346

Sign up below, or contact for more information.

Punchbowl Falls Park, Hood River
Thursday, August 4

Latourell Falls, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, August 9

Punchbowl Falls Park, Hood River
Tuesday, August 23

Powell Butte (w/ Portland Parks & Recreation)
Saturday, September 10

Marquam Nature Park (w/ Portland Parks & Recreation)
Saturday, September 24

Marquam Nature Park (w/ Portland Parks & Recreation)
Saturday, October 29

Completed 2016 Projects

Dalton Point, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, February 23

Dalton Point, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, March 1

Clackamas River Trail
Tuesday, March 8

Mitchell Point, Columbia Gorge
Saturday, March 19

Clackamas River Trail
Tuesday, March 22

Angel’s Rest Trail, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, April 5

Elk-King’s Mountain Loop Trail w/ Mazamas
Saturday, April 9

Clackamas River Trail
Tuesday, April 19

Dalton Point, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, May 3

Clackamas River Trail
Tuesday, May 17

Step Creek Trail
Saturday, May 21

400 Trail near Moffett Creek, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, May 31

Clackamas River Trail
Tuesday, June 14

Oneonta Trail, Columbia Gorge
Tuesday, June 28

Completed 2015 Projects


Angels Rest Trail, Columbia River Gorge
Saturday, May 31

Mirror Lake Trail, Mount Hood
Saturday, June 20

Clackamas River Trail
Saturday & Sunday, August 1 & 2

Completed 2014 Projects


Jenkins Estate, Southwest Beaverton
Saturday, January 18th

Columbia Gorge Near Eagle Creek
Saturday, February 22

Angels Rest, Columbia River Gorge
Saturday, March 22

Clackamas River Trail
Saturday & Sunday, May 31 & June 1

Mirror Lake Work Party (including Tom Dick and Harry  Mountain)
Saturday, June 14

Clackamas River Trail
Saturday,  July 19

Douglas Trail
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 25-27

Bell Creek Trail, Columbia Gorge
Saturday & Sunday, September 20-21

Camp Wilkerson, Columbia County
Saturday, October 11

Completed 2013 Projects

EventsWorkParty02Tualatin Hills Nature Park
Saturday, March 9

Coyote Wall/Catherine Creek with WTA
Saturday & Sunday, March 16 & 17

Trail Skills College, Cascade Locks
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 19-April 21

Clackamas Riverside Trail
Saturday, May 11

Beaver Falls Trail
Saturday, May 25

Clackamas River Trail
Sunday, June 2

Kings Mountain Trail w/ Mazamas
Saturday, June 15

Clackamas River Trail
Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30

Smith Rock State Park
Sunday, October 13

Latourell Falls Trail, Columbia Gorge
Saturday, November 23

Completed 2012 Events

EventsWorkParty03Tool Party
February 11

Cape Horn Trail with WTA
March 17

Camp Wilkerson – Culvert/Turnpike Training
May 12

Mosier Plateau Trail with Friends of the Gorge
May 24

Mosier Plateau Trail with Friends of the Gorge
June 9

Marquam Hills Natural Area with Portland Parks & Recreation
June 30

Mirror Lake Trail #13, Mount Hood NF
July 28

Cape Horn Trail with the WTA
September 1

Camp Wilkerson – Turnpike and Crew Leader Training
October 6

Camp Wilkerson – Turnpike Project
October 20

Completed 2011 Events

EventsWorkParty04Latourell Falls State Park
Saturday, March 5

Herman Creek Trail #406
Saturday, March 19

Latourell Falls State Park
Saturday, April 30

Douglas Trail #781, Mount Hood NF
Saturday, October 22

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